25th October - 3rd November 2019, Tour & Taxis, Brussels

Graffiti Wall

Graffiti Wall

Build vertically and safely on our popular brick graffiti wall! A stud-covered wall allows you to build designs of your choice. We’ll have loads of bricks for you, whether it’s your name or favorite player, make it colorful and large!

Force Sci-Fi Zone

Feel the force

Get ready for an experience that’s out of this world and join us for a fan celebration of galactic proportions as we travel through a brick-built sci-fi adventure.

Fans can expect a hands-on experience in the multiple zones. You will be able to take part in brick based games and challenges as well as building your own intergalactic spaceship. There is sure to be something to appeal to all ages.

Lego Tower

Lego Tower

Come help reach the ceiling at Tour & Taxis : Participate in LEGO© Tower built only at BRICKLIVE!

Butterflies in 3D

Butterflies in 3D

Mini-games will be organized with children who can discover the pleasures of augmented reality with interactive coloring and see their paper butterflies fly away with 3D software.

Mosaic Builder

Build The Bigger Picture

It can only be built if we all create together. Are you ready for the challenge?

Grab a baseplate and a colored instruction sheet and create a square of a giant mosaic image using 2×2 colored bricks. Make sure to stop back throughout the day to watch it all come together!


Join Steve on a brick-built adventure

Build and play your way through the Minecraft universe at BRICKLIVE.

Immerse yourself into a thrilling experience of building your own Minecraft creation. At BRICKLIVE you can enjoy your own 3D minecraft adventure. Dig through the specialist bricks and build until your hearts content, the world awaits your vision. For an amazing, unique minecraft experience, join fellow fans at BRICKLIVE this October.

Inflatable games

Inflatable games

Race Ramps

Ride the ramps

Create the fastest car you can and speed it down the race ramps to victory at BRICKLIVE.

Feel the excitement of the race at BRICKLIVE Birmingham with the ever-popular race zone. There will be endless bricks for you to build your own dream race-car before putting it to the test and speeding it down the custom ramps. Don’t worry if at first you don’t succeed you can simply try again, until you get to stand on the podium and lift the trophy for that all-important photo opportunity.

Sculptures in Lego : Kingdom

Sculptures in Lego : Kingdom

Robots Nao

Robots Nao

Androids NAO will guide you to the box office. These four fully autonomous robots with Artificial Intelligence will also be present in the ” FRIENDS ” space, a pool filled with special bricks and a giant house where BrickLive dancers will learn choreographies for the little ones. Finally, they will logically ensure the welcoming committee of the new ” INTERACTIVE & VR Zone ”.

Interactive Games

Interactive Games


Build the city of the future

Design and build the perfect city in the new look BRICKLIVE architecture zone.

Enjoy a limitless building, with the new and improved Architecture zone at BRICKLIVE. Can you sculpt the ultimate skyscraper, design the ideal dwelling or even create the perfect bridge? It’s time to design the concept city of dreams, delve through endless trays of specially selected architectural style elements and build your vision of the future, before placing your creation on the city foundations.

Create the skyline of the future and be part of a fantastic conceptual building experience

Gaming zone

Press and Play

Give your fingertips a break from building the brick, in the BRICKLIVE digital zone.

Take the weight off your feet and play away on our Xbox consoles. Pre-loaded with fan favourite games this is a must for the digital loving game player!

Soft play zone

Double the fun

A free build experience for young fans at BRICKLIVE

Enjoy double sized bricks in the DUPLO® brick pit. This is the perfect experience for younger builders

Brick pit

Pit deep

Immerse Yourself in thousands of bricks at BRICKLIVE

Unlimited building possibilities await you in our Brick Pits! Pick your colour and build away. Wade through over 250,000 bricks in each pit. Fans can spend hours building whatever they want.

Escape room

No way out?

An ESCAPE ROOM, like no other, to test your investigative skills. All in a decor on the theme of the party and the first bangs – the 80s, 90 or 2000 of your choice – in order to flee to … the dance floor.

World of friends zone

Dance, build, play!

Enjoy a party themed experience in the new Friends zone at BRICKLIVE

The new and enhanced friends zone is sure to be a must for all fans. Delve through the brickpit, build with specialist bricks and learn a new dance with the BRICKLIVE dancers. This high energy zone even has a giant house to play in!

Ninja zone

The ultimate ninja experience

Build, play and climb your way through the new and exciting Ninja training temple.

Recreate the far eastern delights of the Ninja at BRICKLIVE. Play on the custom tables and test your skill with the amazing spinning skittles, challenge friends on the battle tables or test your balance on the bridge pit table.

However be prepared to do more than just play as you climb, run and jump your way through our brand new 25m long inflatable assault course. Then to complete your training hone you motor skills in the build zone, containing thousands of specialist Ninja themed bricks. This is the ultimate ninja adventure, can you afford to miss out?

City builder

Big in the city

Build the town with the all-new experiential building zone Urban Creator at BRICKLIVE.

The new Urban Creator zone allows fans to immerse themselves in a city construction environment. This new-look build zone allows fans to build with more pieces than ever before and uses specialist elements to create everything from a house or automobile to a boat or plane. Builders can create their own adventure and display their creation on one of the four zones. So whether you are looking to build a new fire station, land your cargo plane or sail out to the deep-blue there is something for everyone in the new Urban creator zone at BRICKLIVE Birmingham.



Schedule your own robot with the help of our animators

Climbing wall

Adventure mountain

Join BRICKLIVE in a vertical brick-themed adventure.

Scale the mountain, build a base camp and grab a selfie. Adventure mountain is a survivalists paradise, yet not as dangerous! Fans can create in the brick pit, grab a statue with the adventurer statue or simply scale the giant climbing wall. Tons of adventure all packed into one zone.